Resources for Advisors

The work of Local Authority Literacy Advisers and School Improvement Officers has been a key ingredient at every stage of the IGR Project, from the initial recruitment of interested schools in their areas to participation in the Bristol Training Days and facilitation of follow-up Local Area Training Days. They have also taken responsibility for the initial training of TAs in their areas and for providing occasional local catch-up trainings for new teachers joining the project.

Once IGR was underway in schools, the Advisers functioned as part of the project’s Programme Monitoring and Support Team, making observational visits to schools using the programme and providing teachers with feedback and support as necessary. The lesson observation notes made by Literacy Advisers have also helped to provide a detailed record over time of teacher fidelity to IGR recommended practice and of the challenges sometimes faced in the course of programme implementation.

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The Shropshire Adviser Powerpoint Presentation

What is Integrated Group Reading? 6 basic aspects of the IGR Model

Classroom Organisation for Integrated Group Reading: Information for Teachers and TAs

How to Deliver an Integrated Group Reading Lesson: an IGR Training Manual for Teachers

Integrated Group Reading: a training manual for Teaching Assistants

Teacher-TA Daily Record form

IGR Lesson Observation Record