Classroom Organisation

Integrated Group Reading fits into the very common ‘carousel’ model of teaching group reading.  It differs from other interventions in that the children following the IGR programme are taught in the classroom by the class teacher rather than withdrawn by a teaching assistant.

IGR-ready classrooms have some key organisational features:

  • reading is organised using a ‘carousel’ model with a period of 30 minutes of group/guided reading each day
  • regular classroom TA support is essential during group/guided reading sessions
  • the TA is available to work with a group for at least 4 of the reading sessions
  • the class is split into 5 or 6 reading groups at the discretion of the teacher including an IGR group of 4 children – the work of each group needs to be well planned and provided-for
  • the IGR group has two sessions each week with the teacher and two sessions where the children read 1:1 with the TA
  • while the teacher is conducting the IGR session, the TA helps support the rest of the class and leads group/guided reading with other groups
  • the teacher and TA share information about the children’s reading in the IGR group through the Teacher-TA Daily Record book
  • where necessary, teachers can supplement the training that is given to TAs so that they are confident in running IGR follow-up sessions as well as group or guided reading sessions
  • once these features are in place, IGR can begin in the class

The following document forms part of the pre-intervention training given to schools:

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Classroom Organisation for Integrated Group Reading:
Information for Teachers and TAs